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    There are over 2.2 million people currently in United States prisons and jails… a 500 percent increase over the past thirty years. Individuals behind bars are parents, sons, daughters, friends, and people we’ve never met. Still, chances are you know someone who is currently serving time or has some time in the past. Let these people know that they are not forgotten.

    Research shows that social interaction with prisoners or inmates positively increases their chance for rehabilitation. Something as simple as receiving a letter from “someone who cares…” dramatically improves an inmate’s morale and outlook on life.

    Letters2Inmates understands the importance of reaching out to inmates and prisoners. We understand the importance of “time,” not just from the perspective of those behind bars, but also the importance of time for those on the outside…looking in.

    Letters2Inmates facilitates social relationships with prisoners by offering a convenient on-line, worldwide accessible, web-based portal interface that makes it easy for people to send postal letters and cards to inmates and prisoners. No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping, or delivering. We do it all for you…for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

    Show them you care. Send a letter.